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Dear Members and Friends,

It’s that special time of year when our music ensembles regroup, start rehearsals, and plan musical offerings for autumn and Christmas. During worship we sing songs to God, but did you know that God sings back to us! Zephaniah says that God gets so happy when he thinks about YOU that He bursts out in song… “He will rejoice over you with singing.” (Zephaniah 3:17) When God sings over you, His poetry in motion turns the minor notes of your tragedy into a symphony of HOPE!!!

Immanuel’s new faces, growing membership, and transitional time marks the perfect time for you to get involved in new and exciting ways. The creation of music was intended by God to be a powerful and positive tool; there are plenty of great examples in the Bible! I hope you can make music a big part of your walk with God! ALL are welcome!!!

Please help spread the invitation to new members, cherished longtime members, and even non-churched community members who love to sing, or play instruments. We encourage newcomers always and welcome your participation. These are the current groups we offer:

Jubilate Choir: starts Wednesday September 7th at 6:45PM, choir intended for ALL singers, regardless of musical training, sings anthems to God monthly often highlighting the liturgical calendar, the group will transition into Christmas and Easter cantata when appropriate, rehearsals are open to ALL and occur Wednesday nights at 6:45PM, CD’s are supplied to help learning parts, big group so you can feel comfortable singing with several people, FUN!!!!

Bells of Immanuel: Immanuel’s celebrated handbell choir rings recognizable church music, including traditional repertoire, classical sacred literature, and more recent compositions. The multigenerational ensemble will relaunch rehearsals starting Sunday September 11th! No musical training is necessary!!! The Bells of Immanuel rehearse on Sundays from 9:15-10:15AM downstairs in the music room.  If you can’t commit to every Sunday, talk to director Ellen Hanson about being a bell substitute ringer! Contact Ellen at if you are interested or just show up for rehearsal.  She will show you how to ring and which part to read.

Special Music: Special music offerings throughout the year offer depth and variety to worship, and allow numerous people an opportunity to share their musical gifts at Immanuel. We are blessed through solos, duets, special anthems, and Sunday School Singers that inspire and bring us to tears! Vocalists and instrumentalists are encouraged to share their God given talents as musical offerings. Please contact John Ivan at to schedule a time to share your unique gifts at Immanuel!

Praise Team: members vibrantly lead contemporary worship songs each week at 9:45 and 11:07, help lead special services throughout the year, represent Immanuel in the community, weekly rehearsals are Wednesday nights at 8:00PM, musical training is necessary, members are required to attend rehearsals

Youth Praise Team: starts Wednesday September 28th with Confirmation, provides teens 5th through 12th grade a way to connect with God through fresh, dynamic worship music, teens gain vital experience in church leadership and are offered a venue to cultivate their growing musical talents, rehearses Wednesday evenings at 5:30PM

There is truly a group for everyone to get involved in. I encourage your feedback and welcome your help in reaching out to new members! Please reach me by email at , at church, or on my cell at 262.620.2349. Thanks for your prayers and continued support! “Next to the Word of God, music deserves the highest praise. The gift of language combined with the gift of song was given to man that he should proclaim the Word of God through Music.” (Martin Luther)

John IvanYours in Praise and Worship,

John Ivan

Director of Music Ministries

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